About us

Hello. Welcome to Dandy Lux!

With the stress that modern life brings, self-care and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is important. Here at Dandy Lux, we have an absolute love for candles with the many benefits they provide and as they are a powerful stimulant to any self-care routine. Here at Dandy Lux, our candles are hand poured, clean burning, long lasting and have the power to transform your mood, evoke memories and create a sensory experience. 

Every Dandy Lux candle is made from natural, vegan soy wax infused with fragrance and essential oils derived from raw material. 

No products used to make our candles, room spray, diffusers, etc were tested on animals. Whilst there may be a few minor imperfections with our handmade products, the overall performance or quality of the products are not affected. We take pride in the handcrafted products we create and provide, knowing that they are cruelty free and eco-friendly. 

​We are also here to help as a gift consultant for a bespoke gift box(es) for any occasions - bridal/baby showers, corporate gifts, birthdays, wedding, etc. Just let us know the message you would like us to add, and we can have that sent to the recipient on your behalf. 

Our desire is for our products to help you unwind and bring feelings of joy and relaxation. We hope you enjoy your products as much we enjoy making them.

With Love, Dandy Lux xx