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Dandy Lux

Sweet Dreams Candle

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An infusion of chamomile and the sweet scent of the famous pear-drops sweet, the result is a delightful, calming and timeless scent that makes your evening more pleasant. This candle is sure to give you a few minutes of worry-free relaxation in the evening and or before bed.

Fragrance Notes:

Sometimes all you need is sweet dreams. The aroma from the candle is sure to fill your home with the perfect balance of calming chamomile and sweet pear drops. It's like a hug in a jar.

Top Note: Sweet, fresh pear with a hint of herbal aroma

Middle Note: Fruity Roman chamomile, herbaceous and slightly woody

Base Note: Sweet musk and refreshing hint of herbs, daisy and apple like

Each candle has a burn time of 40-50 hours and is packaged with a lid and a organic cotton bag.