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Dandy Lux

Jewel Candle

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Rich and sumptuous floral fragrance resting on an intense base of precious woods rounded by dry fruits and flowers. A full blend of lychee, raspberry, rose, patchouli and lily. All combined with hints of vetiver, vanilla and amber to complement each other to recreate a floral, oriental scent and a timeless scent.

Fragrance Notes:

Rich floral fragrance with neroli, ylang ylang and fresh apples with a combination of flowers, woods and amber, with hints of lily. 

Top Note: Soft fruits, bergamot, neroli, ylang ylang and fresh green apple 

Middle Note: Red berries, notes of jasmine smoothed by hints of lily and carnation 

Base Note: Vanilla, patchouli, bittersweet ambers, fragrant woods and musk

Each candle has a burn time of 30 hours.