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Dandy Lux

Coconilla Wax Melt

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Escape everyday life and indulge in the ultimate island escape with this delicious and calming scent from the wax melt. It'll make you want to buy every other flavor we make to be able to enjoy the scent throughout your home. This wax melt is perfect for filling your home with a warm, sweet aroma. 

6 cubes wax melt in a clamshell mould

Burn time: 2 cubes last 12-16 hours

Wax: 100% Natural Soy Wax

Scent: Premium quality fragrance and essential oil

Fragrance Notes: 

Inviting heavenly scents with top notes of creamy, warm baked coconut infused with vanilla on base note of milky chocolate and vanilla pod. 

Top Note: Sweet vanilla pod aroma blended with fresh, relaxing lavender 

Middle Note: Infusion of intense vanilla aroma, timeless lavender and hues of creamy, milk chocolate 

Base Note: Deep milky chocolate blended with intense vanilla aroma with subtle cream notes