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Dandy Lux

Candle Accessory Kit

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4-piece Candle Accessory Set for candle lovers with candle wick trimmer, candle wick dipper, candle snuffer and tray. Available in 4 colours to suit your home interior.

Our candle accessory set is designed to enhance the quality and life of your candles. Each set includes a wick trimmer, wick dipper, snuffer and a tray.

Wick Trimmer

These scissors are designed to snip the excess wick in your candle, enabling a more stable candle burn. In return, this will result in a cleaner burn, avoiding dark smoke and smoky candle jars as a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous. Avoid cutting the wick too short and do not snip when the candle is lit.


Using a snuffer can dramatically influence the performance of your candle. Using a snuffer to extinguish the flame in your candle helps to avoid molten wax over the candle, excess smoke and wick smouldering.

Wick Dipper

The use of a wick dipper will help preserve your candles fresh before and after each burn. Gently dip the tool into the wick after the candle has been snuffed to continue enjoying the candle aroma without the interference of smoke and smouldering. The tool can also be used to remove any wick excess that may in the pool of the candle.

Cleaning and Storage

Simply clean each too under warm water and dry them in preparation for the next use to maintain the integrity of your candle accessory kit.