Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser


High quality glass car diffuser, complete with lid, cap & string. The perfect addiiton to any car.


Available in three exciting colours; super silver, glistening gold and classic black and a wide range of your favourite and timeless classic fragrances to choose from. 


Each car diffuser comes with a luxury, velvet bag. 


    Butter and Ginger
    A smooth spiced blend of creamy butter, liberated with spiced tonka, spring florals and radiant clear honey.


    Woody fragrance with top notes of cedar wood and a slight hint of orange leading to middle notes of patchouli and musk.


    A sumptuous blend of fruity cherry with orchid and base notes of cinnamon and sweet vanilla.


    A tropical blend of creamy coconut with floral aniseed, hints of orchid, vanilla and slight hints of rose.


    Diamond Fragrance
    Top notes of soft fruits and bergamot, shadings of red berries, notes of jasmine and rose, leading to a background of vanilla and patchouli with bittersweet ambers, fragrant woods and musk.


    Love Mix
    A fruity floral fragrance combining sweet peach supported by apricot and strawberry with a floral body and a musky powdery background.


    Oud Wood
    Scents of Rose Wood, Cardamom, Sandalwood and Vetiver combined with Tonka Bean and Amber to complement each other. 


    Pear Drops
    A sweet combination of fresh pear, orange, lily of the valley, oriental musk and vanilla.


    Rose Prick
    Built around a trilogy of Roses. But this is no basic Floral with top notes of Sichuan pepper and Turmeric, middle notes of May rose, Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose and base notes of Patchouli and Tonka bean. 


    Rich woody scent with hints of cedarwood and warm spices. 


    Sweet Jasmine
    Fruity and creamy strawberry top notes, medium notes of strong green leaves and jasmine, pine with lily of the valley. Rich bottom notes of cinnamon, clove and rose.


    Creamy vanilla with a hint of hawthorn.


    Zesty Lemon
    Fresh and invigorating with its zingy lemon character enriched by hints of citrus zest.


    Please read before use:

    Simply remove the stopper cap and place the lid back on securely. Tilt the bottle slightly, allowing a little of the diffuser liquid to soak into the wood in the cap to release the fragrance gradually. The more you tilt your bottle, the stronger your fragrance will be.


    However be careful not to over saturate or soak the wood cork as this can cause the bottle to leak. We advise you not to complete this process in the car to avoid any damage if any spillage/leak occurs. Make sure the cork is screwed on tightly and sitting level after removing the plastic cap. Repeat this step as required.


    Terms and Conditions:

    Make sure to place your diffuser somewhere safe and secure. Position the ball centrally and tie excess string in place to avoid and reduce swinging. The car diffuser must be hung freely from your mirror in a position that is not distracting and must not rest on anything.


    Keep liquids away from skin, clothes and car interior. If the liquid comes in contact with your car interior or clothes, wipe straight away to avoid any damage. If the liquid comes in contact with your skin, wash with soap and warm water.


    Failure to abide by the above conditions could result in leaking, stains or damages. We will not be held responsible for leaks, stains and damages due to misuse or overuse of the product. By using this product, you agree to the terms and conditions set out above.

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