Treat your Candle with love and care by simple following the few instructions and safety precautions. This will ensure that you get the very best from your Candle, each and every time you use them.
Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting. Burn for 2-4 hours a time, ensure the melt pool reaches the edge of the candle container before extinguishing, this will help to prevent a 'tunneling effect' and is especially important during the first burn. Always place the candle and burn on a level fire resistant surface. We advise on not burning your candle any longer than the maximum recommended burn time. Keep your candle free from any foreign material, this includes wick trimming and matches.
We advise using a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle. This will prevent your wicks from drifting off centre, thus maximising your candle burn time. Blowing out your candle is not recommended as liquid wax may splatter and your wick may continue to glow and emit a small amount of smoke - which is perfectly  natural when you extinguish a candle when blowing out rather than using a snuffer. Once your canele is extinguished, allow the wax to solidify and then follow the candle storage advice below. 
Before lighting your candle, always trim your wick to 5mm with a pair of sharp scissors or a pair of candle Wick Trimmers. This helps to stop any build up on your wicks and encourages your candle to perform to its best, providing the cleanest and even burn possible. 
Candles are sensitive to light and temperature - you can avoid your candles from cracking and melting by storing your candles in an upright position and in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep your candles dust free by covering the candle with a lid, a dust cover or by placing your candle under a glass cloche out of direct sunlight. 
Candles do burn at their way best in still air, if you cannot avoid draughts, follow the candle safety above and also turn your candle periodically to help avoid your candle burning unevenly. 
To prevent fire and serious injury always burn your candle within sight. Avoid draughts, vibrations and keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn your candle on a delicate or non-heat resistant surface or near anything that can catch fire. See label on the bottom of the candle for further health and safety advice. 
Due to the unique design of the wood wick, it is unlikely that the candles in the jars would need trimming. When lighting the candle, light the wick at one end and allow the flame to naturally flow across the wick. Your flame height may vary and it may occasionally even appear to self-extinguish. Even at a low flame, the wick will continue to heat, and the flame height should return shortly.
If you candle does happen to tunnel, here are a few tricks for you to try in resetting the candle memory so to get an even burn: 
- Wrap the candle up in a little dome of aluminium foil leaving only a small opening on top of the flame. This will ensure an even burn as the foil will reflect the heat from the flame. Be sure not to leave the candle unattended and take care when removing the foil as it will be hot. 
- A candle topper to keep the candle warmer. Similar to the aluminium foil, this will reflect heat to the candle and create more warmth for a full wax melt. 
- Using a tealight oil burner, remove the unburned scented wax from the candle and place it on top of the burner. Then place a lit tealight into the burner base and allow the flame to heat and melt the wax above. This is a great way in reusing the scented wax of your candle. 
- You can blow-dry you candle. This is a fairly simple process and is a great way to remedy any uneven wax. Put your tunneled candle under the direct heat of the blow dryer until the wax liquefies and begins to distribute evenly in the vessel. 
You should stop burning the candle when there is approximately 1/4 inch of wax remaining at the bottom of the vessel. Extinguish the wick, wash the jar with warm soapy water and reuse for multiple purposes of your choice. We would love to see the different ways in which you reuse your jars. Feel free to tag us on instagram
Place the candle melt in a wax warmer and light an unscented tea light below or plug in if your are using an electric wax melter. Ensure wax melts are stored in a safe place away from children as they may resemble edibles. Wax melts do not evaporate so once they eventually lose their scent, the wax melt should be discarded. Do not pour melted wax. ​​